Blockchain and distributed ledger technology – the way forward Main Today a partnership agreement was signed between the internet sharing company SID from Gibraltar, the banking company Dope Card from Ghana and the mobile learning company AIAR from Singapore.

Today a partnership agreement was signed between the internet sharing company SID from Gibraltar, the banking company Dope Card from Ghana and the mobile learning company AIAR from Singapore.

With world-leading technology the joint venture will present one of the strongest ecosystems to empower people in emerging markets.

The Impatience of Time to Saving the World

3,5 billion people don’t have access to the internet, so the joint venture AISIDO (AIar + SID +DOpecard) will enable sharing of the internet. 2 billion people in the world are unbanked, so AISIDO will provide bank possibilities. 2,5 billion people in the world need education, so AISIDO will provide the most secure and personalized mobile learning system.’

We all like the SDG goals of the UN, but we think it goes to slow.

The remark comes from Rufus Lidman, founder of the JV-partners AIAR, a serial entrepreneur with a thorough background with refugee work in the Syria war, Iraq, Balkan route, etc. He continues:

We’ve seen more evidence that the solution to the majority of things like poverty, hunger and health, in modern society come from connecting to the internet, and to be part of a society where you can get secure skilling that helps you get a job, and a bank account to receive salary and make a business. That’s what we at AIsidO are providing.

World Leading Technology

The three partners all have a focus on emerging markets and the urge to do something that not only is good for business but good for society. But besides that, the common denominator for them is that all three are working with world-leading technology with a disruptive potential to change the world.

This is one of the strongest points of this setup, says José Merino, Chairman of SID. I was confident in sharing our technology, patented in the US, having the potential to solve the internet issues in all emerging markets. But, I am impressed by the AI-customization and blockchain certificates being developed by AIAR, and the simple but genius solution presented by Dope Card –combined we have a technology offer to nations and people I think will be unbeatable

Going from Sound to Things

And soon Mr. Merino will see this coming true. With intense development ahead, it is clear this will not be a theoretical potential but will be taking place in real action bit by bit in the coming months ahead. As its first joint mission the parties are now joining forces to back up Dope Card in a project supported by the Ministry of Education in Ghana working to onboard students at 24 universities with a total market of over 500,000 students and 150 merchants. The Dope Card CEO, Mr. Nana Kwaku Koi, comments:

This is magical upgrading of the whole project. Since before we partner with Ecobank to support the students with a viable banking card. Now we are adding more crucial parts to the value chain where our partners SID are providing its unique solution for mobile sharing, and AIAR will provide crucial skilling and secure certificates for the actual jobs of 2019. This will help to empower the students in a more profound way that we could never have dreamed of when we started this project


AIAR EdTech is solving the global skilling crisis by developing the world’s first 360° mobile solution for AI-personalized learning, blockchain secured certification and gamification for true lifelong learning. For more information contact CEO Rufus Lidman,, +46 733 90 18 80

SID Limited has a US patent grant for technology that allows Android mobile phones to share their internet (Wi-Fi or mobile data) with multiple nearby smartphones users. SID can build through the free app dynamic networks to bring free internet access to developing countries and millions of users. For more information contact Chairman Jose Merino , +350 56004294

Dope Card is building a banking product designed to fit the lifestyle of every youth, giving students complete and easy access to financial services with 100% mobile personal accounts with a card that are Visa & Ecobank powered. For more information contact CEO Nana Kwaku Koi,, +233 555533468